Contact Center Functionality On Demand

ECT's complete solutions for cloud-based contact center services allow carriers and service providers to offer their clients the functionality they need, when they need it - on demand.


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Our modular solution is highly scalable to provide the capacity to suit current business requirements and as the solution is cloud-based, agents can be added at any time and from any place.  This allows contact centers to react flexibly to unexpected peaks.


A network-based contact center offers network operators enhanced earning potential and at a time when Number Translation Services have become a commodity, that is something you can't ignore.


If you are competing against vendors of premise-based equipment, a network-based contact center provides you with all the right arguments to convince your clients. It is our aim to provide the best solution at the best price - why not give us a try?


To find out more about our services:

  1. Read our dedicated contact center blog
  2. Register on our corporate website to download our presentation
  3. Contact ECT to arrange to speak to your local sales and service subsidiary

We look forward to doing business with you.

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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows the caller to give commands by voice or keypad to access a service or menu.




Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD allows calls to be routed based up criteria such as call volumes, region, etc. to give the caller the best possible call experience.




Predictive Dialing - Outbound

Allows the screening of large volumes of calls for use in e-mail or voice campaigns.




Agent and Manager Workplace

A clearly arranged desktop, or cockpit, which allows access to all the most used modules such as e-mail, directory, etc.




Call Recording

Network-based solution to record calls and monitor call center activities.





Handle all types of media over one solution - let the caller decide how they want to contact the call center.




Automatic Speech Recognition / Text-to-Speech

Use voice commands in the communication process.




Integration of Third-Party Solutions

Allow a contact center to continue using their premise-based systems by providing simple integration.

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